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Reid was in his office at Memorial using the instant messenger program on his computer. He was instant messaging Luke. Their conversation about tonight's events was not going the way Reid had hoped. Reid typed:

**Why the HELL tonight, of all nights, Luke?**

A few moments later, Reid saw Luke's reply to his question.

***Because no one else can watch them, Reid. It's only for tonight anyways.***

Reid sighed. He rubbed his face with his hands and put them into his auburn hair. He sighed again and dropped his hands back onto his desk. He was thinking about Luke and the puppy dog face that Luke would have if they were speaking in person. How cute it made Luke look, and how much it made Reid cave every single time Luke used it on him. He finally typed:

**FINE! You owe me BIG, RICHIE RICH!**

Luke's response:

***THANK YOU, REID! Got to go. I have that meeting at the docks soon. <3 U! Bye!***

Reid typed his final response to Luke before logging off his computer.

**Yeah, yeah, love you too, Luke. See you, Natalie, and Ethan later tonight. Bye!**

Sitting there, Reid thought it wasn't Natalie, Ethan, or Luke's fault that their patents decided to elope to Vegas tonight and no one else could watch Luke's younger siblings. He was just disappointed that their only night together this week would have Natalie and Ethan there as well. Why did Lily and Holden have to be such cockblockers?

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Title: Ten Words for Ten Prompts
Author: [ profile] arctic_seasons 
Disclaimer: I do not own As the World Turns or any of the characters from this television show.  I do not make any money from writing this story. 
Summary: Ten Words for Ten Prompts
A/N: All mistakes are mine.

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10 Words for 10 Prompts

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