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This is my first personal entry on my life ever on LJ. 

My friend and I were talking, a couple of nights ago, about how all we do on Facebook is chat about Sims Social anymore, and pretty much nothing else.  We've known each other through LJ, Pogo, and Facebook for at least nine months or so now.  And of course, she was right.  All we do is bitch about the game or ask for items through friend requests.  After she said this, she told me how she would like to have updates on my and my family's life on LJ, like she does with hers.  I told her that I would try, so here I am making my first entry.  Yay!

Well, yesterday, I went to the grocery store.  I bought a birthday cake for myself since my birthday is Thursday.  I'll be 31.  Anyways, when I got home, I told my mom about the birthday cake, and she totally asked me when my birthday was.  I told her it was Thursday, and she went on to say that there was no card for me since she forgot.  So I suggested I would get one at random at a store, but luckily, she found one on her own.  So she signs it and everything.  I go see my dad at the care facillity he is at.  Of course, he also forgot about my upcoming birthday.  He signs the card and puts it in the envelope as I go to his room to take care of things.  Okay, I say and hour or so, and when I'm leaving, I talk about the cake and my birthday.  He thought it was yesterday and says 'Happy Birthday'.  I tell him it is Thursday, and we laugh it off.


Okay, this happened early this morning.  My mom wakes me up at around 3:45 AM and the TV is still on since I fell alsleep with it on.  I tell her I'm turning it off to finally go get some real sleep, but of course, she decides she needs to sit in the living room, and I can't get back to sleep.  I use the couch as my bed since my bed if full of my junk.  Anyways, my cat also has to wake up since it is almost four.  He is hungry like usual at this hour of the morning.  I decide go to my room to see if I could listen to some music on my portable CD player or my Walkman/radio since my iPod needs a charging and is out of commition, and hopefully, that will help me to fall alsleep again.  I look for my Walkman/radio, and find out that one of the batteries has exploded in the battery compartment, and it looks pretty bad since the casing lid is full of dried battery acid.  Well, I wasn't too happy about that, and hoped that it would still work after I change the batteries and clean it up some.  I did that this afternoon, and thank god, it still works.  I mostly use it for the radio.  It might be old school, but it still has it uses when the power goes out and you need a radio on.  Anyways, I use my CD player, and try to listen to the CD in it.  By now, my mom goes back to her bedroom and goes back to sleep.  My cat, on the other hand, as decided that I needed to stay up, and he's acting like the big shithead he is in the morning most days.  I'm pissed at this point.  I just want to listen to the CD and go back to sleep.  I can't, he won't let me.  He loves to torment me by playing this game where I chase him around the house at night to try and get him to lay with me and sleep.  Of course, I always fall for it because if I don't then he loves to use his claws to dig into the living room curtains.  We do this for like 45 minutes or so.  He does finally settle down somewhere on the hallway carpet, and I do finally get back to sleep, but without the music since by that point I didn't want to listen to it anymore.

So, my early morning sucked really bad.  I slept until 10 when my mom got up.  I decided to go to my room and finish a work in progress fan fiction story that I'm reading.  I read that until 11 when I get dressed and get lunch for myself since my mom made her own lunch today.

I played Sims Social for a while this afternoon, and shortly, I will go see my dad.  I'm tired, but in a good mood at the moment.  Hope it continues because the care facillity that my dad is at, the patients/residents can get on your nerves at times.
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