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It's been like two months since my last update.  I promised my friend I would try to update as often as possible, and I know I haven't.  Sorry about that.  I'll try once a month at the least.  Since the last update, there have not been much going on with my immediate family or me.  My parents are well, and I am well.  My cat, Knolls, was put on a diet for his weight about a month ago.  Let's just say, the transition to not being feed as much is not going well.  He seems to be hungry all the time still, and whinnier than before the diet.  It can be like a war at times between my mom and Knolls, especially when he wants his food.  Let's just say, Knolls gives my mom some bite/claw wound, and my mom yells bloody murder.  Enough said.

I started reading Breaking Dawn last week, and it'll take at least a month for me to finish it; I read one chapter a day while seeing my dad at the care facility that he is at.  I was hoping to get some book suggestions for when I do finish Breaking Dawn.  If you have any, please leave a comment.  NO E-BOOKS though, I don't own an e-book reader.  And if I don't get any, that's fine.  I have a book that I've had for many years that I could try to read; I haven't gotten past the first chapter yet, and it's suppose to be a really good fantasy book, too.

That's all for now.  *HUGS*


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